Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Frequently Asked Questions :


How do I complete the application ?

Applications are completed online at .

How much is the application fee?

The application fee is $40. per adult over 18 years old. The fee is paid via credit card or debit card online.

What documents are needed ?

2 most recent pay-stubs, A photo copy of the ID. Please email in PDF form to or fax to 773-451-9414

How long does it take for an answer?

24-48 hours. The faster you get all the supporting documents the faster I can process. Please keep in mind, I will continue to show the property and submit applications until a deposit is given. I can not process incomplete applications or applications that do not have the supporting documents ( Pay-stubs, Letter of explanation, ETC.)

Do you accept Section 8?

Yes we welcome all to apply. Please be aware that our units a price to be rented quickly. Section 8 can take 4-6 weeks to process.  We will choose  the applicant that is best qualified and can move the fastest. Please check with Section 8 guidelines before applying. We will not lower the rent to meet the voucher amount. We will not accept any payment outside of the approved voucher amount. 

What do I do once the application is approved?

You will need a deposit equivalent to 1 month’s rent to take the unit off the market.  I will continue to show the unit and take applications until the deposit is given. The deposit is to hold the unit. This deposit is non refundable in the event you do not rent the apartment.  A refund will only be given if the apartment can be rented on or before the original move in date. Once you are ready to move in the deposit will be transferred in place of the security deposit or first month’s rent.

Is the application fee refundable ?

No the application fee is non refundable. Even if you are not approved for the apartment. Crump realty does not have the ability to refund the fee. The $40 is a processing fee charged by a 3rd party company to run the credit, eviction, and background reports.  Paying for the application does not guarantee approval of a rental. The application is a requirement of the approval/denial process.

Will you accept My credit report ?

No the only credit reports that are accepted is from Crump Realty Group or another Real Estate company. Please be advised if you have an application from another agent, we will still require a paper application to be completed and all information will be verified prior to approval. A reports will be  re-ran at no charge.

Can the application be used for other properties in Crump Realty?

Yes you can use the application for any property in our portfolio.

What are the qualifications to rent ?

We look at everything collectively. Although there is a standard we like applicants to be strong in 2 of the 3 areas. We look at credit income and rental history.  Our standard is as follows.

Credit- We like to be 600 fico score and above

Income – We like you to make 3X’s the rent in income (i.e. $1500 rent = $4500/month income )

Rental History- We look to see if you have paid rent on time for 12 months.

What will disqualify me for a rental ?

We do not accept evictions. The only exception is if the judgement has been payed and can proven by receipt from debtor.  Letter of explanation is not acceptable.

What if I have credit lower than 600 and good income ?

We will accept applications. We understand that credit problems happen to good people. We will work with you. We will require an additional month’s rent paid up front prior to move in. You will need 1st month rent , last month’s rent, and security deposit or Move in fee. for example for a $1500 unit , you will need $1500 X’s 3 $4500.

Why Should I write a letter of explanation? 

A letter of explanation gives the applicant to explain their credit situation in their own words. This personalize your credit report and gives the owner an idea as to what happened to cause the negative credit rating. This is a great opportunity to give the owner an idea of the type of person you are in your own words.. I strongly recommend you write a letter on your behalf if your credit is below 600.

What is the difference between a security deposit and move in fee ?

A move in fee is lower than a security deposit. anywhere between $500-$900 and it is non-refundable.This is to cover any admin work, cleaning, etc.   A security deposit is held for damages done to unit during the time of the rental. The deposit is refundable along with interest. The owner decided if they are holding either a deposit or a move in fee.

Do you accept co signers?

No There is no need for a co signer. We will usually just ask for an additional deposit or months rent to cover any liability.

If I move in the middle of the month. Will I have to bring a prorated amount at lease signing ?

No. When signing a lease in Chicago, The first month is always paid in full at lease signing regardless of the date you move in. You will have a prorated payment due at the first of the next month. For example if you move in June 15th. You will pay $1500 on the 15th and $750 on the 1st of July.

How Long is the lease ? Do you do short term leases ?

A lease is 12 months. We typically do not offer shorter than 12 month leases. WE only do leases for 1 year at a time.

What is your pet policy ?

We are pet friendly unless otherwise stated in advertisement. We do not accept Pit bulls or any aggressive breed of dogs. Please verify with agent prior to applying.

Is there a pet fee?

No there is no additional pet deposit.  There may be times that an association  may require a deposit for larger breeds. This information can be found out at the time of the showing.

What is the best way to contact you. 

Email or text is the best form of communication. If your question is not answered here, Please email me at or text me at 773-396-4766. 

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